Gaines Michael Camp

I have never experienced birth the way I had always wanted. Last year, I had an emergency c-section that left me somewhat traumatized. I hated the experience, but did what I knew was best for our baby.


Given that I'd had a less-than-magical birth experience, when Lauren asked if I was interested in being her birth photographer, I was THRILLED! This was her fourth baby, so she was basically a seasoned veteran, and I knew she would be giving birth in the way I had always hoped. It was my first time photographing a birth, and I was up for the task! I have photographed Lauren and her darling family multiple times and love each and every one of them. After 3 girls, they were finally expecting a precious baby boy, Gaines. Anyone who knows Lauren knows that she has a way of being a rockstar mom. It's apparent that God specifically instilled in her motherly ways that she has used to raise Spencer, Brady and Miller - three of the sweetest, most well-behaved (and of course, most beautiful) girls I have ever known.


On August 30, around 11pm, Lauren called to let me know that "it was time" to welcome their baby boy. I hopped out of bed, loaded up the car, grabbed a coffee, and set out on my 2 hour drive (praying that I would make it before Gaines did. Thankfully, I made it!) On August 31 at 4:42am, Gaines had arrived. He was perfectly perfect in every way. Stephen and Lauren had finally welcomed the baby boy they had prayed for, and it was nothing short of amazing. There were tears as I looked through my lens. I shook as I held my camera and prayed that all of my photos were in focus.


As my first blog post, I hope that these photos tell a story. I want to take photographs that make you feel like you're part of the experience. I hope these series of photos give you some insight as to how beautiful and special this family is. Gaines Michael is so loved already, and I thank the Camp Family for allowing me to be a part of their journey - now, as a family of six! It's something I will never, ever forget.

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