NYC | a city so nice, they named it twice

Haven't been on my blogging game lately. I've been enjoying time out of wedding season, and soaking up all of the moments with my family and friends that I can before I run out of weekends and energy to do anything or go anywhere. Over 25 weddings booked this year (SAY WHAT?!)

Anyway. As part of my New Year's resolution, I'm using the first half of my year to indulge in lots of travel and awesome experiences. First up on the list was The Big Apple. The last time I experienced the streets and chaos of NYC, I was 14. My parents brought me (more like dragged me) and we hit every single tourist spot you could imagine. It was loud and stressful, my feet always hurt, nobody held the door for you, and everyone who bumped into you never said "excuse me." (I'm from the South - where everyone moves and talks slow - we have time for those kinds of things). That was the New York City engrained in my mind.

This time was so much different.

My best friend asked me to tag along for a work trip, and of course I said HECK YES. While she manages multi-million dollar properties (like a BOSS, might I add), she also plans trips for people, couples, and newlyweds all over the world. Her newfound business, Newly Nomads (IG: @newlynomads_travel), has been a passion of hers for a long time. She is so incredibly knowledgable about how to plan the most lavish and incredible trips worldwide - big or small - that I knew this one wouldn't be any different for us.

We climbed to Top of the Rock, caught a million taxis, headed underground to the subway, drank coffee each morning with million dollar views (literally), roamed the streets and the rooftops, walked through Central Park, treated ourselves to some amazing meals and some epic ice cream from Milk + Cream Cereal Bar, and my favorite of all: drank hot toddies in a yurt.

Also, it was #NYFW, so that was pretty rad too.

It was a trip for the BOOKS (and the blog), and I can't wait to experience the streets of New York again. They really will make you feel brand new - especially when you get to travel with your best friend.

*Personal brag moment: I've been so fortunate to find a group of best friends who all have different incredible talents and qualities. We have supported each other and loved each other through all different phases of life, and they see me for who I really am, not just for who I am in a moment. As a mom, wife and full-time photographer, sometimes it's easy to feel disconnected from friends and the rest of the world. You don't get the quality time, the deep conversations, the laughs. It can sometimes be lonely. This trip was exactly what I needed. I left with a grateful heart and refreshed mind and sense of self. My friends always do that for me. I hope you guys are fortunate enough to have these kind of people in your lives. 

Until next time.