Adventures of Nelly + Cal

The Carnes house is basically a photographer's dream. Wallpapers and patterns and prints galore, and somehow it all goes together perfectly. I guess that's what you get when the mother of the household is a graphic designer. The girl knows what she's doing, to say the least!

I met Caleb and Harper through our family here in Dalton. Harper is a graphic designer and Caleb, a CPA. Opposite ends of the spectrum, but they are a hilariously, fun-loving couple with two of the coolest kiddos, Nelly (Penelope) and Cal (Caleb Jr.). We originally met when Harper and I worked on the photos/website for a new restaurant here in town, Cherokee Brewing + Pizza Company. We had a blast being creative over pizza and brews - I mean, is there really a better way to work?

I explained my want for creating the EmVision, UNSCRIPTED series to Harper, and she loved the idea. I was so excited when she wanted me to photograph her family inside of her home. When Richard and I were house searching, the Carnes' house was on the market for a brief period of time until they decided they couldn't part ways with it - who could blame them?! It's incredible.

I'm glad they decided to stay so that the opportunity to take these fun photos would preset itself. Safe to say there are many more happy memories to be made here!