Hi! I'm Emily.

I have recently moved to the sweet little town of Dalton, GA and happily jumped into the roles of being a wife, mother and full-time photographer. I grew up in a town 20 miles west of Atlanta knowing that part of me desired to create. It's just the way my brain works. I fell into photography after picking up a not-too-fancy DSLR camera around the age of 12, and am 100% self taught. I hate researching and too impatient to read instructions for anything, so the self-taught part didn't come to me so easily.

I've recently exited the corporate world and stepped out on a limb, into a world that allowed me to imagine, create, and use that artsy side of myself.
I pride myself on capturing the candid parts of your life while I'm just a fly on the wall.There is not much more fulfilling to me than creatively capturing real, true, raw life. You, being you. Kids, being kids. Providing something tangible for you to keep and hold onto. Something to revive your memory when it starts to fade.

If you're getting married, you're engaged, or just cooking breakfast with your kiddos on a Sunday morning, I would be thrilled to capture these sweet moments. So drop me a line through the contact page, or to, and let's create something awesome!


*Now booking 2018 and 2019 weddings