Anna + Chase | Lookout Mountain, TN

Funny story. The best ones happen that way, don't they?

Anna (the bride in these photos) worked as the childcare specialist at my local gym. She kept my baby, Carter, while I attempted to look more fit (still wondering how much longer that's going to take). Every time I would drop Carter off and pick him up, I couldn't help but notice how insanely gorgeous she was! With the wheels turning 24/7 in my mind for photography, I asked her if she would be interested in shooting with me sometime. She somehow didn't think I was a creep and agreed. I told her what my vision was for her shoot, and she gave me complete control by allowing me to style the shoot in a way that I believed would compliment she and her husband, who were married in October of last year.

These are some of my most favorite photos thus far - thanks to Anna + Chase for allowing me to drag/boss you around (in the most positive way, of course)! We had so much fun with these, and I made some cool new friends in the process!