Cayla + Adam | Happy Campers

Photography is my passion. It's what makes me tick. I itch to get better and better, establish my own style, produce images that aren't the norm, push my limits, and just to... create. Stepping out into an uncertain, and very competitive industry last year, was a huge leap of faith for me, but has been the BIGGEST blessing.

The greatest part about this industry is the people I've met and connected with along the way. With the wheels turning in my mind for photography 24/7, I've stepped outside of my comfort zone and asked complete strangers to participate in photoshoots simply because they would complete the vision I had for it. 

In this shoot, I did both. I mixed a mutual passion for photography with (somewhat) strangers. Nobody is really a stranger when you're friends on Facebook though, are they? HA! *eye roll*

Cayla, owner of Wild and Grace and a fellow photographer, has a natural beauty about her. She shines in her photos and in her social media presence. I came across the most adorable camper (if you know my family, you know we've totally run the "happy camper" theme into the ground), and I needed a specific couple to be my subject. I had lots of interest, but loved the idea of not only capturing Cayla's natural beauty and contagiously positive spirit, but also having an opportunity to connect with another photographer in a way I hadn't before!

Although this industry is competitive, it's also a very supportive industry. It's been so much fun connecting with other photographers. Uniting for the sole purpose of creating. And making new friends while doing it!

Enjoy this adorable camper session, and don't forget to check out the video at then end! Because (plug)... EmVision is now offering short films!!!

Happy trails, friends!